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Terms and Conditions
Identification Service Provider

Last2Ticket has its headquarters at Parque de Ciencia e Tecnologia da Universidade do Porto, Edificio Central, Rua Alfredo Allen, no. 455/461, 4200-135 Porto, Portugal. Our fiscal number is 509814034. Last2Ticket is a registered trademark of Last2Ticket, Lda.

Service Definition

Last2Ticket is a company that develops electronic ticketing solutions which allow the purchase of online tickets at www.last2ticket.com..

Privacy and Security

Last2Ticket will not use data provided by registered customers in www.last2ticket.com for commercial or communication purposes, unless clients express their permission to do so, under the terms specified in the law. Clients authorize the use of personal data for marketing purposes by Last2Ticket. Last2Ticket automatically collects information from your computer browser, your connection (IP address), in order to control the access to the site and to determine user profiles and patterns of behavior. This information is collected for statistical purposes and does not allow individual identification. In compliance with the Law No. 67/98 October 26 - Law of Personal Data Protection, user may at any time delete his registered profile. The user authorizes Last2Ticket to automatically manage personal details, in particular, with the use of cookies. Data transmission is performed with the best practices and security technologies in the electronic commerce industry. It is perfectly safe to make payments in www.last2ticket.com, as a secure connection encrypts all data shown on your Visa credit card. Last2Ticket doesn't access or keep any information regarding the credit card user. There are two elements that indicate that a website is secure: a key (Netscape Navigator) or a padlock (Internet Explorer) must appear at the bottom of your browser, as safety indicators of the page. You can also see that, when entering a secure area of the website, the URL will begin with https://www.last2ticket.com (S = secure).

Cancellation and Postponement of Shows

Tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded. If your event is cancelled, Last2Ticket will entirely refund your order, excluding transaction fees. Payments made with a credit card will get the refund value of the time of purchase. In case of event postponement, tickets are valid for the new date.

a) Services provided at www.last2ticket.com and www.last2ticket.pt are property of Last2Ticket, Lda.
b) Customer is responsible for any misuse of the services made at www.last2ticket.com. You are responsible for any violation of "Terms of Use and Service".
c) Last2Ticket, Lda does not guarantee the continuous availability of the web service at www.last2ticket.com and/or www.last2ticket.pt.
d) Last2Ticket is not responsible for any failure in the communication network which supports the service, or for any other major reason that may cause failure or delay in the operation required by the Client at www.last2ticket.
e) Last2Ticket will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the Client, directly or indirectly suffered at www.last2ticket.com or www.last2ticket.pt.

For any questions about the service of Last2Ticket, please contact us here.

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